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HP Reverb G2 Review – Comparison to Quest 2 & SteamVR


After what feels like decades, the long-awaited HP Reverb G2 has finally been released and hit the markets. Originally, little was known or even confirmed about the VR Headset – as HP had closely kept many of its secrets at hand. We finally see what HP has crafted with the full spec sheet compared to the QUest 2 and the SteamVR Headsets. Can the Reverb G2 stand alone as the new VR Headset challenger – or will it get virtually destroyed!

HP Reverb Review – Summary

Yes, it’s the best. Simple. Clean. Powerful. We will save you the time if this is all you came here for – confirming your own biases or validating your decision to purchase it. It’s hard even to compare it to the humanity squelching VR threat that is the Quest 2, as it still lingers on as a sort of carrot on a stick. You trade your privacy for a cheap and accessible VR headset – putting the literal safety and freedom of humanity at risk. For the love of God, don’t go that route. Please, for your family, buy yourself an HP Reverb G2 VR Headsets and enjoy the most powerful VR headset available(that’s made by a trusted brand you’re already familiar with). Yes, there actually are more powerful VR headsets out there, but you’ve never heard of them and probably aren’t ready to leap of faith as many others have.

Best Overall – HP Reverb G2
  • hp-reverb-g21) Best for Windows Mixed Reality
  • 2) Best Overall for SteamVR
  • 3) 2160 x 2160 LCD panels per eye
  • 4) 1.21 lb Weight
  • 5) 1 year limited warranty
Most Powerful – Pimax 5K
  • pimax-5k-XR-ultrawide-wmr-vr-headset1) 5K (Yes, Double the Index) – 200* Field of View
  • 2) Dual-Samsung OLED Screens(UltraBlack)
  • 3) Competitive Pricing, 90 Hertz
  • 4) Build-in SteamVR Tracking and G-Sensor
Cheapest Price – Pico G2 4K
  • PICO-G2-4K-VR-headset1) Fully Funcitonal for Windows Mixed Reality
  • 2) Fully Functional for SteamVR
  • 3) 3840 x 2160 LCD panels per eye
  • 4) 101* Viewing Angle
Newest VR Headset – P1Pro 4K
  • DPVR-Deepoon-P1Pro-4K-VR-Headset1) Fully Funcitonal for Windows Mixed Reality
  • 2) Fully Functional for SteamVR
  • 3) 3840 x 2160 LCD panels per eye
  • 4) 100* Viewing Angle

HP Reverb G2 Comparison: Quest 2 vs. SteamVR

Nobody expected the Reverb G2 to beat out the SteamVR, even though the dated VR Headset had once been the leader of the pack. Quest 2, despite its invasive privacy policy, gave it a real run for its money – but the table has once again been shaken. Regardless of which spec most concerns you – from the per-eye resolution to the refresh rate – the HP Reverb G2 matches or exceeds the competition. Simultaneously, it does so without selling out your data to the highest bidder. Although this has to count for something, according to our experts, it isn’t easy to put an exact figure on the amount, aside from accounting for an estimated $ 300-lifetime difference.

The Reverb G2 further exceeds the Quest 2 in raw terms of compatibility as well. There are a growing number of third-party components that will not work with the Quest 2. These devices and components vary from VR attachments for your feet to mimic the real-life feeling of walking in VR to waste or body jackets that mimic the vibrations experienced when attacked or hit in-game by weapons or bullets. The market for these devices grows by the day with new and more affordable options, and the privacy-invading Quest 2 will never see the day when these devices will work with it. Perhaps the Zucc will release their own Facebook-owned body, waste, or feet VR devices – but not even rumors have been heard about such things as of late.

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