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WMR Reviews – Windows Mixed Reality VR Headset Reviews

“I was SHOCKED these VR headsets had the exact same technology as the Valve Index.”

People are quickly finding out that WMR Headsets, or Windows Mixed Reality VR Headsets are either an affordable way to finally enter VR… or a superior one.

Top 5 WMR VR Headsets (and where to find them)


#1 Best Overall VR Headset – Pimax 5K

This is the best overall WMR VR Headset that most people with a gaming machine will be able to run. It matches or exceeds the Valve Index in every way, at half the price.

The Pimax 5K Ultrawide will be able to run any VR Game from the Steam library on maximum graphics, and the limiting factor will definitely be your graphics card.

  • 5K (Yes, Double the Index) – 200* Field of View
  • Dual-Samsung OLED Screens(UltraBlack)
  • Competitive Pricing, 90 Hertz
  • Build-in SteamVR Tracking and G-Sensor
#2 Best Overall – HP Reverb G2

  • It’s the “Quest Killer”
  • 4K Resolution(2x Quest)
  • 101* Field of View
  • Pre-Loaded with Steam on Android
#3 Best Overall – Pimax 8K

  • A Staggering 8K Resolution
  • 200* Field of View
  • 90 Hertz Refresh Rate
  • Requires Ultra-Powerful PC
#4 Best Overall – Immers OLED “Luci”

  • 4K Resolution
  • First OLED Screen VR
  • Preloaded with Android and SteamVR
  • Automatic Screen-Mirroring

What is a WMR Headset?

A WMR Headset is a type of VR Headsets that functions with Windows Mixed Reality. (Hint: Oculus Quest is actually a WMR Headset)

Right now, for the same price as a Valve Index, you can buy a fully functioning VR Headset with 8K Resolution. Yes, that means 4K Resolution beauty per-eye.

Alternatively, there are VR Headsets that you don’t know about that have a 140-hertz refresh rate. You’re going to need a beefy computer.

What Types of WMR VR Headsets are there?

WMR Headsets, like all types of VR headsets, can be categorized into many different types, but one thing remains true: the scale of power runs parallel to price.

Budget-Friendly VR Headsets

The first kind of WMR Headset can fall into this category because of the price. For every mainstream VR Headset, there is at least one alternative that literally has the exact same technology inside, often made in the same factory, that sells for half the price.

Hint: See our list of the best budget-friendly VR headsets that pack the biggest “bang” for your buck.

“Valve Index Killers” VR Headsets

Think “Power Overwhelming” VR Headsets. There are already VR Headsets that blow the Valve Index out of the water, with 8K Resolution or 140-hertz refresh rates. They are certainly more pricey, but just wait until mainstream VR catches up to them in another 4-5 years. Remember, to fully utilize this kind of headset, you will need a beefy PC machine.

Tip: Obviously, the more powerful something is, the more expensive it is.


WMR Reviews: Alternatives to Corporation-Owned, Mass-VR Devices (That are better, or cheaper)

Simplifying and comparing the WMR VR Headset market, one product at a time.

WMR = Windows Mixed Reality

WMR is a standard format originally issued by Microsoft that everyone has essentially agreed upon to make a cohesive VR gaming world and future.

Steam Games Library Compatible

Yes, this is fully functional with every game available in the Steam VR Library. Remember, the VR Oculus Quest is also a WMR Headset.

Best Value WMR VR Headsets – Across All Use-Cases

Best Overall – HP Reverb G2
  • hp-reverb-g21) Best for Windows Mixed Reality
  • 2) Best Overall for SteamVR
  • 3) 2160 x 2160 LCD panels per eye
  • 4) 1.21 lb Weight
  • 5) 1 year limited warranty
Most Powerful – Pimax 5K
  • pimax-5k-XR-ultrawide-wmr-vr-headset1) 5K (Yes, Double the Index) – 200* Field of View
  • 2) Dual-Samsung OLED Screens(UltraBlack)
  • 3) Competitive Pricing, 90 Hertz
  • 4) Build-in SteamVR Tracking and G-Sensor
Cheapest Price – Pico G2 4K
  • PICO-G2-4K-VR-headset1) Fully Funcitonal for Windows Mixed Reality
  • 2) Fully Functional for SteamVR
  • 3) 3840 x 2160 LCD panels per eye
  • 4) 101* Viewing Angle
Newest VR Headset – P1Pro 4K
  • DPVR-Deepoon-P1Pro-4K-VR-Headset1) Fully Funcitonal for Windows Mixed Reality
  • 2) Fully Functional for SteamVR
  • 3) 3840 x 2160 LCD panels per eye
  • 4) 100* Viewing Angle

Reminder: Oculus Quest is a WMR Headset – It Works!

The SteamVR revolutionizes the PC gaming industry by allowing users to operate within a virtual environment with a real degree of freedom. This is accomplished through an advanced headset that allows you to see and feel as if you were actually in another place, or time, or on another planet.

The SteamVR headset allows you to not only see and feel but also hear the environment. You can listen for approaching enemies, or oncoming vehicles, or general sounds of danger that would be otherwise unnoticed by a human. All WMR headsets are compatible with SteamVR! This lets you experience everything but the smell or taste of the environment.

So for example, if you were eating a tasty meal in the virtual world your sense of smell would be able to detect this and it would trigger a sensation in your mouth that corresponded with said food. Unfortunately, the SteamVR headset only allows you to taste or smell food in a simulated environment. However, by connecting your brain directly to the headset it is theoretically possible for you to not only see and feel but also taste and smell in real life what you are experiencing in a virtual environment.

The SteamVR is a game-changer because it allows you to experience your favorite games in ways that were never before possible. The headset also has applications outside of the gaming industry, from education and training to virtual tourism and entertainment. The SteamVR is the first step in what will become a very significant technological shift in all forms of entertainment and human experience.

“Mixed reality is a hybrid state in which both realities are intertwined and cannot be disentangled from each other.”

-WMR Reviews

Mixed Reality is often used to mean the mixing of real-world and virtual worlds by using advanced display technology such as augmented reality or virtual reality that makes it possible for users to interact with objects around them while perceiving virtual objects superimposed on top of the real-world environment.

Mixed reality is a computer-generated simulation of the world we live in, created with software. Mixed reality has been around for decades but it’s only recently reached its potential due to faster computers and new technologies like 3D displays. Microsoft makes one of these mixed reality headsets, named HoloLens. What distinguishes HoloLens from other mixed reality devices is that it uses advanced sensors and AI algorithms to create detailed 3D models of your environment so you can interact with virtual objects as if they were real.


A good example of mixed reality is Pokémon Go. It uses your phone’s camera to show the real world through your screen, and then adds virtual objects to that scene from an augmented reality database.

Mixed reality is really a form of virtual reality, but without the isolation that comes with wearing a VR headset. It gives you the sense that you are in another place even though you’re still at home or at work. You can see it as a blending of real and virtual worlds.

Mixed reality devices like HoloLens are not cheap. But they’re likely to become more affordable in the next few years as their technology matures. Microsoft’s HoloLens is one of the most exciting mixed reality technologies around. It has been compared to Microsoft Kinect, which turns your entire living room into a game.